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Bedford Wine Cellar

About this Cellar

This Custom Wine Cellar was designed to hold 1,981 bottles. The racking is Meranti Mahogany with a red mahogany finish. This cellar has a travertine tile floor, venetian plastered walls and ceiling and is conditioned by a Unico Air Handler. The entryway is a custom glass mahogany door with two mahogany glass sidelights. The arched of the doorways were designed to follow the arch of the ceiling. The custom etching on the doors included the names of some of this clients favorite vineyards. Some other unique features include:

  • Four arched decanting tables
  • Double deep cascading rack
  • Granite tasting table with storage below
  • Adjustable shelf vertical display cabinet at tasting table
  • Adjustable and diamond bins for bulk and case storage
  • Underlit display rows

The elements of this room completed by Vintage Makers staff include the design, arched ceiling, rack manufacturing and installaiton, entryway (including etching), cooling system design and installation.

The second project for this client was to design and install the bar just outside the wine cellar. The bar included a corner sink, "DishDrawer", and full extension "Spirits" drawers. The outside of the bar was designed with mahogany paneling and included a granite bar top. Additional mahogany cabinets included a curved hanging stemware cabinet and an overhead soffit detailed with mahogany and purpleheart.