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Venetian Wine Cellar

About this Cellar

This Custom Wine Cellar was designed to hold 1,750 bottles. The racking is Philippine Mahogany with a natural oil finish. This cellar has a ceramic tile floor, painted plastered walls and is conditioned by a ductless split system. The entryway is a custom etched glass mahogany door. The unique features designed into this project include:

  • An adjustable shelf vertical display cabinet at the entryway to showcase large format bottles
  • Two solid mahogany decanting tables above adjustable shelf wood case cabinets and in front of upper diamond bins
  • A large lower base diamond bin with an arched top tasting table
  • Underlit display rows
  • A solid mahogany tasting table below a hanging stemware rack

The elements of this room completed by Vintage Makers staff include the design, rack manufacturing, countertops, entryway and installation